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    THT Center would like to dedicate this page to our patients everywhere. Dr. Suradej Pong would like to take this opportunity to invite all of his patients to participate in sharing their hair loss experiences from the beginning to the end of their journeys. Our mission is to help people who are experiencing hair loss for the first time cope, overcome the fear and anxiety, learn more about hair loss, and find the right treatment. To participate, please e-mail us your story and pictures, if you have them handy. If you would like us to use your pictures that we have on file, please indicate whether you want your face revealed. Thank you in advance for helping us accomplish our mission. For people who are experiencing hair loss, we hope these stories inspire you. You are not alone. There is no reason to suffer hair loss any longer. Help is just one click away.

Patient 7

      My name is B Kennedy and was born in Bangkok, Thailand but I have lived in Vancouver Canada for over 14 years. I had a problem with hair loss. I have heard that there were many places could restore my hair loss in Canada and the USA but I did a lot of research about it back 3 years ago.

      Finally, I talked to one of my Thai girl friend about my hair loss and she told me that one of the doctor in Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of the best and she got it done and she showed me. I got to say Wow!!! It was a great job back then, so I came to Chiang Mai specifically for the Hair Transplant. I got to talk to the doctor, he was so friendly and very professional. I was at the time scared a bit but he was very convincing that it would not be so much pain with his friendly smile; therefore, I did it. I woke up after the first part of the surgery and I didn't feel any pain. All the nurses and the doctor were so nice, they bought me the chicken with Rice and it was very Yummy and made me feel good, then the second part started, I passed out again and then I woke up 4 hours passed by, the doctor told me it was almost done. I said YaY!!. Finally it was done. I went back to Bangkok a day later after the doctor said the skin was perfectly fine. I rested for a couple day then I came back to Canada. I recommended at least 3-4 people who did the hair transplant with my doctor and they were all happy with the result.
      Three years passed by, my hair has been grown nicely and no one could tell that I got hair transplant done. I realize just about a month ago that I may need the second hair transplant done because the time that I got the first one done, I was not sure if i wanted the hair line as a woman or a man, but I finally was sure that I did need the second one as a woman. I booked an appointment again to see the doctor but before that all my five friends of mine just got them done with the improved technology and they look amazing. Last week, I went to Chiang Mai and met the doctor again. He was so surprised that I looked so different. Well, I hope the doctor will put my comment on the web and show you, all how much I have changed in 3 years.

      I got to say the service again was excellent. The doctor and all the nurses were so nice to me. I felt so warm and welcome. I got the second time done and I believe 100% it would be excellent. Thank you to my good looking doctor and make me look beautiful as I wish.

      Thank you so much again to my doctor and all nurses. You, all are the best.

Warm Wishes,
B Kennedy

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